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LOS ANGELES–Today, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) passed a resolution to educate students on the dangers of using flavored tobacco and provide them with the tools and resources to resist the tobacco industry’s attempts to create a new generation of smokers.

The resolution passed unanimously on the same day that San Diego and Alameda counties also voted to end the sale of all flavored tobacco.

In response to the LAUSD resolution’s passage, Walter Perez, a student at Roosevelt High School said:

“Flavored tobacco has deeply affected my community in East Los Angeles. In particular, my school, Roosevelt High School. My classmates are victims of an industry that does not care about our health or our future. Some of my peers don’t realize how bad flavored tobacco is because of the candy-like flavors the tobacco industry targets us with. Kids my age are already addicted to flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Back home, my nine-year-old brother is bombarded with ads for flavored tobacco and vaping while playing educational games on his tablet. The flavored tobacco industry is relentless and has to be stopped.

My mom, Griselda, and I would like to thank my school district for leading on such a crucial issue. The leadership of the school board members and the superintendent is necessary to put a stop to this epidemic in Roosevelt High School and all other LAUSD schools. It also demonstrates that there is hope for my classmates, my brother, and me.”